So many themes!

At Putt Along Mini Golf, we have 7 different themes across our 27 holes of Mobile Mini Golf to choose from.

Browse through our wide selection and let us know what you would like to hire today!

Themes are all subject to availability to get in quick!



Our most popular theme!

Their cool twist on Australian culture bring life and a classic punch to all events! These courses vary in difficulty and can be modified to challenge any age!


We offer 3 challenge courses, defining the words small but mighty! They have multiple boards and directions to each course which, when combined with props can alter is difficulty.

Fun run

Our fun run theme will have you traveling around swinging pendulums, past mushrooms and in between frog's legs.


Get your scuba-diving gear ready (not really) for our underwater-themed mini golf courses!

Again these courses can change in difficulty, just inquire when you quote!

around the world

Grab your passport players!

In these courses you will travel around the world from Paris to Egypt to London!

Our Egyptian course in this category is extremely popular for hole in one events at corporate functions. Inquire about hole in one difficulty levels today!


Come back in time with these holes, you will travel through castles, under dragons and have to pass knights!


In these 3 holes, you will have to navigate your way through dinosaurs, under them & around them! Be careful they do not steal your ball!

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